8001050F – Play Games, not War!

8001050F…a sequence I don’t think any PlayStation 3 owner will ever forget. The last 48 hours have been one of the most torrid times for Sony and Sony gamers worldwide. The entire PlayStation Network for owners of the older machines was inaccessible, people lost trophies, the internal clock reset to 1999 and the majority of the PlayStation gaming world came to a complete standstill. In recent memory, nothing quite like this has ever happened. A seminal moment in gaming history and one that has shifted my perspective dramatically.

The wide world of technological communication has been ablaze with disgruntled PS3 owners, speculation, rumours, theories and argument, the incident caused every game site on the internet to be littered with forum posts from the angry to the ludicrous. Understandably so, given the circumstances. The one thing I was greeted with mainly was comments from Xbox 360 owners about h0w this would never have happened to their precious Xbox Live. 360 owners took great pleasure in piling on the insults and defamatory comments towards Sony, the PS3 and it’s consumer base. While I know all too well that the internet has given every Tom, Dick and Harry the window through which to drop their two cents, the venomous nature of some of the comments astounded me.

It brought me to a moment of clarity. The consoles we have at our disposal are amazingly complex machines and it only takes something so minute to bring it all to a crashing halt. Sony confirmed that the problem was caused by the PS3’s internal clock thinking it was a leap year. A problem so small caused utter meltdown, it’s staggering.

The PS3, 360 and Wii are incredibly complex and intricate machines and we should all feel privileged to have such fantastic technology at our fingertips. The war between PS3 and 360 owners is fruitless. We all have our preferences and we all have our loyalties, but the fact remains that both machines give us unbelievable gaming experiences, the likes of which we have never had. The intricacies of the machines and their surrounding networks is a fragile eco-system, it requires a fine equilibirum in order to function properly. Long gone are the days of blowing into a NES cartridge to get it to work! These days we have an entire universe of possibilities open to us and a medium that is only going to get better, more complex, more interactive and more immersive.

The experience of 8001050F has shown me just how immense the technology is that we are living with. Enjoying your gaming experience and getting the most out of your console, whichever side of the fence you sit on, should be paramount. Just think for a second what you have at your disposal now compared to the 1980’s and 1990’s. Then think just how fortunate you are to have three huge companies spending millions of pounds, dollars and yen per year on giving you the very best technology and gaming experiences.

The war between PS3 and 360 owners is a pointless one and will never get us anywhere. I am not naive enough to believe that the divisions will ever unite, but I for one will no longer be partaking in this futile exchange.

We are all gamers at the core, no matter how we choose to play them. Concentrate on being gamers, enjoying games and wholly embracing the astounding level of technology out there, whatever brand it is.


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